Here's all the questions I've asked and all the answers I've been given by the Gigabyte Technical Support concerning a Virtu MVP problem I have. How lame is that?

WYSIWYG to Gigabyte Technical Support - 2012-11-29 / 02:56

Model Name : G1.Sniper 3(rev. 1.0)
M/B Rev : 1.0
BIOS Ver : F7
Serial No. : 1222000-----
Purchase Dealer : MOST Computers
VGA Brand : Asus      Model : EAH6770 DC SL
CPU Brand : Intel      Model : i5-3570K      Speed : default
Operation System : Win 7 64-bit      SP : 1
Memory Brand : Corsair      Type : DDR3
Memory Size : 2x4GB      Speed : 1600
Power Supply : 400 W

The VGA cards are 2 of the same brand and type and are on pci-e slots 1 and 3



I've had GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 until 2 days ago when its LAN card had a deffect (still works on 100mbit, but not on 1gbit) and today I upgraded to the Sniper 3.

Now I have a problem running VIRTU MVP. All latest intel and ATI drivers are installed, but VIRTU MVP (also latest version from your site) says "Wrong GPU configuration, bla bla...". I was using VIRTU (non-MVP) with the previous motherboard and it was working fine, but it's not working with the new board, please help.

P.S.: I prefer to get response from second level support, please. Thank you.

All the best,

EDIT1: The Virtu MVP from the LucidLogix site is working fine, the version from the link you've given on the Gigabyte's site is not working.

Gigabyte Technical Support to WYSIWYG - 2012-12-01


Thank you for your kindly mail and inquiry. Please kindly confirm the following items :

1. Please set Enabled in Internal Graphics BIOS item under Peripherals BIOS setup program.
2. Please install the latest Internal VGA driver and External VGA card driver. For internal VGA driver, please click HERE.
3. Please remove current Lucidlogix VIRTU, restart OS and reinstall Lucidlogix VIRTU MVP version 2.1.221 on our website to test again.
4. Please make sure your OS is genuine version released by Microsoft and update to latest service pack.
5. Please confirm there is no insufficient power or overheat problem with your system and VGA card. To meet expansion requirements, it is recommended that a power supply that can withstand high power consumption be used 500W or greater. If a power supply is used that does not provide the required power, the result can lead to an unstable or unbootable system.

If you still have any further question or suggestion about our products/service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to help you resolve the problem ASAP.

Best Regards,

WYSIWYG to Gigabyte Technical Support - 2012-12-01 / 04:02

1. Internal Graphics BIOS is Enabled
2. Latest VGA and External VGA drivers are installed
3. Official Virtu is removed and the version from your site is installed
4. The OS is genuine and has all latest updates
5. The power supply is 400W SeaSonic Fanless Gold, it's working fine, the overall PC consumption is below 300W under full load

The problem is not fixed.

Gigabyte Technical Support to WYSIWYG - 2012-12-04


Thank you for your kindly mail. Due to insufficient power supply indeed will cause unexpected system problem, therefore, we would suggest you can try to test another Power Supply with at least 500W. Furthermore, we also suggest you can test your system in a simple environment :

If your M/B is inside a case, please make sure that there’s not a short circuit. You can try building the whole system outside the case. And please remove such as add-on cards, devices from motherboard, only install CPU, single memory, single HDD, VGA card and power, and make sure the components on the motherboard are installed properly. If there's nothing wrong in simple environment, try to install several additional cards into the slot one by one to observe the result again and again.

However, if the problem still occurs, please kindly provide us SCREEN SHOT/PHOTO about the error for further examination. Please upload the images with JPEG file. We would appreciate your further information.

Best Regards,

WYSIWYG to Gigabyte Technical Support - 2012-12-04 / 21:36

Here's a screenshot of the latest official Virtu MVP, which became available today. It have exactly the same problem as the version on your site.

Now. I think you didn't understand what I said in my previous message so I'll try again. The whole PC is BELOW 300W under full load. I measure that with my UPS - Eaton EX1000. I'm an electrician and an IT, and have a degree in telecommunications, so trust me when I say - the power supply is NOT THE PROBLEM. I work in the IT industry for the last 16 years, I understand what I'm saying, so please forward this to someone who will undoubtedly understand it.

My M/B is not inside a case. There's no short circuits. There are no add-on cards. All components are installed properly. The problem is not within the hardware aspect.

The problem occurs on versions:
VirtuMVP2-1-221-25032 Setup_64Bit.exe - from the official Lucid site - 2.1.221 - 2012/11/28 - from your site

The problem does not occur with version VirtuMVP2-1-115a-23214_Setup_64Bit - from the official Lucid site

Otherwise the PC is working FINE under FULL LOAD without having any other kind of problems.

Gigabyte Technical Support to WYSIWYG - 2012-12-06


Thank you for your further information. About your request, this mail has been forward to relevant department, our person in charge from related department will test, and we will update this mail as soon as the result comes out.

However, if you do not receive any further information after a week, please kindly inform us again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

WYSIWYG to Gigabyte Technical Support - 2012-12-14 / 01:54

Requesting further information.

Gigabyte Technical Support to WYSIWYG - 2012-12-17


Thank you for your kindly mail. After testing, we do not find the problem as you mentioned. You can refer to the attachments.

The testing platform is as following:
MB: G1.Sniper 3(rev. 1.0)
RAM: G.Skill F3-1600C10Q-32GAO
VGA: GV-R677D5-1GD (Due to we are unable to ASUS EAH6770 DC SL, we test the same GPU with your VGA card)
VGA Driver: 12.10
HDD : Seagate ST32000641AS 2TBX1
OS : Windows 7
Lucidlogix VIRTU MVP version 2.1.221 form our website Asia download site.

We suggest you contact with your supplier for further examination with your VGA card and all devices.

Best Regards,

WYSIWYG to Gigabyte Technical Support - 2012-12-17 / 22:35

Hello again.

I have more questions, because I can't tell from your screenshots what's all the hardware that you've tested:

1. Did you do your tests using TWO 6770 graphics cards (as it is in my configuration as I have stated in my first query) or just one?

2. If you did it with just one graphics card, WHY haven't you done it with two?!

3. Why would you think that there's a problem with my graphics cards when they work as they should with the 2.1.115a version of the software, but not working with 2.1.221? What makes you think there's a problem with the hardware?!

Gigabyte Technical Support to WYSIWYG - 2012-12-19


Thank you for your kindly mail. We tested this issue in a simple environment with one GV-R677D5-1GD as we suggested in EmailID : 1295521.

We would suggest you can try to test another VGA card in your system to do cross test due to we are unable to duplicate your issue with the same GPU. Furthermore, due to we are unable to find out any related information (from mails and images) to indicate that you used two VGA cards. If you run crossfire, please remove either card and see if it can run in single card mode.

At last, due to we are unable to duplicate this issue with the same GPU, and we can hardly define the root cause without looking at the platform, we suggest you to contact your supplier (where you bought the product) and see if they could help you do the further examination.

Best Regards,

WYSIWYG to Gigabyte Technical Support - 2012-12-19 / 21:39

Okay. So I take it I filled the information required for putting a support ticket up as something you don't read. Maybe I haven't payed enough for your hardware to read it? Maybe I haven't said in my first message that I request SECOND LEVEL SUPPORT? During the last 5 years I've bought at least 10 of your motherboards and I demand to be adequately supported!!!

Here's a quote of the last row of the fields you use to gather info about my configuration:
"The VGA cards are 2 of the same brand and type and are on pci-e slots 1 and 3"

Secondly on the screenshot I gave in Question 1299001, you can see that the GPU-Z says for the Radeon 6770 that "Crossfire (Available)" which also gives you the idea that I'm using more than one Radeon on the system. You apparently don't know how to use GPU-Z, because you didn't gave any screenshots of it when you responded in Answer 1302953.

Due to you NOT READING my complete system specification, you were unable to duplicate my issue. My issue is not an issue when I'm using only one 6770 card, it's an issue only when I use two cards. And that's why I stated that I use two cards in the first place.

Now, if it's not a problem, do your job and please test, and see that the problem exists with two cards, and do tell the people from LucidLogix to do something to fix it.

Here's the situation again:
Both cards work perfectly on Z68 and G1.Sniper3 in Crossfire without Virtu MVP installed.
Both cards work perfectly on a Z68 motherboard with Virtu (non-MVP) enabled.
Both cards work perfectly on the G1.Sniper3 with Virtu MVP 2.1.115a.
One card work perfectly on the G1.Sniper3 with Virtu MVP 2.1.221.
Both cards DOES NOT WORK on the G1.Sniper3 with Virtu MVP 2.1.221.


In my personal opinion, the people responding to me are with an IQ of no more than 40. They can't read, and have no idea of hardware problems whatsoever. They should be fired immediately.

2013-04-25: I have updated the Radeon drivers to 13.5 beta2 and installed the new version of Virtu MVP 2.1.224 and the problem has been fixed, however at this moment the 2.1.224 version of Virtu MVP is not available on the Gigabyte's website for download. Given the f act that the problem OBVIOUSLY was in Virtu MVP 2.1.221, the Gigabyte's support could not react adequately by presenting it to LucidLogix in a timely fashoin, and after that they did not present me with an instruction to update to 2.1.224 when it became available.